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Studies show that people looking to improve their fitness and improve their health achieve significantly greater results when using a personal health coach. An effective certified holistic health coach can guide you, motivate you, and educate you. We provide support and guidance. A good herbalist / nutritionist  health coach will also make sure that you don't damage your body with today's assortment of health fads. It is important to note that there is a right way, and a wrong way, too eat. Don't risk harming your me today.

The "Celiac Shack" program offers the following:

Initial Assessment
Before we design a program, we must take into account many faucets of your current lifestyle and eating habits. Using LSA Pro biofeedback technology we are able to address underlying issues that may be affecting your ability to reach your goals. 

I consult anyone willing to learn.  A gluten-free diet is not right for everyone.  Learn how to eat right, for your body, without struggling. My program will improve your eating habits, give you more energy, promote overall health, help you stay fit, and assist in weight-loss. Using the LSA Pro biofeedback technology, we will be able to test your bodies reaction to particular supplement plans to come up with a program that complements your healthy lifestyle. I am an experienced herbalist in addition to being an expert in the area of whole food vitamin and mineral supplementation.

Medical Dietary Evaluation
You will be asked to work closely with your Doctor if you have any life threatening issues.  You will need to be monitored closely if you have diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure or if you have had organs removed. We will evaluate any family history and environmental concerns as well.  I expect you to take any of my recommendations to your doctor to assure that as your health improves your medication dosages will be reduced as needed.

I can help you address health concerns such as heart disease, diabetes, digestive disorders, skin problems, eyesight, vitality, obesity, and many other issues.

Grocery Store Readiness
I will take you shopping and teach you how to make smart shopping decisions. You will be amazed how easy it is to buy the right things, and how much money you will save in the process!

Body Fat Testing
We will perform a body fat assessment and plan a course of action for effective weight reduction and weight management. We will determine the amount of body fat that is appropriate for you.

Restaurant Survival 101
See how easy it can be to eat healthy when dining out. You will be amazed how many choices you will have. You will learn how to look for warning signs on a menu, and distinguish between healthy sounding and actually healthy.

Metabolism Testing
We will use cutting edge technology to uncover your current rate of metabolism. We will then continue to monitor your metabolism throughout the program.

Monitoring Results
I do not conduct a one time assessment. That does not help you. I believe that continual monitoring will help us determine what is effective and what isn't. Since your body is unique, I monitor how your body responds to the current plan, and continually modify as necessary. If you feel that the plan is too difficult to maintain, we will make adjustments as necessary.

Ongoing Motivation and Support

I never leave you to fend for yourself after a few consultations. Once you are a client of mine, you will always be considered a client. I am always available for motivation, inspiration, and support. I will make time for you, whether by email, phone, or an in-person consultation. You can always count on me to be right by your side.

Health Coaching Tools that are available to assist the healing process... 

LSA Pro HHC Health Scan – exclusive to Herbs for Health of Pleasant Grove – a bio survey process.  Using pre-programmed collections and library references organized into defined groups, quick assessments are created for each individual.  Diet, exercise, lifestyle changes, nutritional support and so on are all considerations sorted by biological preference unique to each individual to personalize every program. – animated explanation of Zyto tech/how it works – very good

EVOX – Change Your Perception, Change Your Life – perception reframing using voice mapping (see entire write up below)

Link to interview with Dr. Vaughn Cook re: EVOX- great explanation –

Video clip on EVOX – these people are Herbs for Health customers – good explanation –

Other stuff on Zyto technology on – titled “Zyto technology, Stress is your friend” – video clip with Vaughn Cook as the narrator – very scientific explanation of how stress affects us and how zyto technology works to create an individual program – problem – shows a doctor – not necessarily a good alliance for us?? – an interview with Vaughn Cook explaining how the Pro works – still scientific – ?? – does say equipment is not medical and is not diagnostic – helpful!  Does a nice job explaining, validating the technology, not sure about this link either?

Phone Sessions:

Due to time restraints and distance, there are many people who call me to receive health coaching sessions remotely.  I've had a lot of success through coaching via the phone.  One woman, for example, had difficulties getting pregnant and carrying her baby more than a few weeks.  She had struggled with infertility and miscarriages for 6 years.  We are very happy to report that this woman was able to make changes to her diet and is now pregnant and is over 20 weeks along as of June '11. We will be praying for her success until the very end. 

Webinars and Teleconference Calls: 

Celiac Shack sponsors expert guest speakers in the area of health and wellness.  Email and put "events" in the subject line to be put on the email distribution list for upcoming webinar's and teleconference classes.

Classes and Seminars: 

I enjoy public speaking and enjoy educating others about the role food plays in our emotional and physical health.  I'm particularly interested in helping the homeless (due to emotional and physical health issues), the criminals (who suffer from physical or emotional trauma), and I am extremely passionate about educating parents about the responsibility for proper care and nourishment of their children.  Food DOES make a difference! Email if you are interested in having me speak at one of your classes, conferences or seminars.

I look forward to hearing from you!


"A wise man should consider that health is the greatest of human blessings, and learn how by his own thought to derive benefit from his illnesses." - Hippocrates

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